How The Dentist Cleans Your Teeth

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How The Dentist Cleans Your Teeth

But before he can even clean your teeth, he must first do this. Before the teeth cleaning pacoima procedure can proceed, the dentist must first do a physical exam. The dentist himself does not need to do the teeth cleaning, that can be done by a dental hygienist, also fully qualified like the dentist. During the exam, the dentist needs to check for signs of inflamed gums, otherwise known as gingivitis. If there’s any of that, the dentist will be removing the plaque and tartar.

In essence, brushing and flossing would stop plaque from building up and hardening into tartar. But it’s usually not enough. Tartar build-up will still occur, one way or another. And then that’s a sign that the dentist will have to do this himself. All that can be said for now is that you brush and floss your teeth as often as possible. Now, after all the tartar has been removed, the dental hygienist can then proceed with her own brushing.

This time though she will be using a high powered electric toothbrush. It’s designed to do deep cleaning. And remove any tartar that was left behind previously. It’s been recommended that you do the teeth cleaning with your dentist at least twice a year. It’s a safe polishing process in any event. It’s also been recommended that you don’t brush that hard otherwise you’ll end up wearing away your own enamel.

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Flossing is also a lot safer when done by the hygienist because she’s also able to reach trouble spots that could have led to bleeding if done by you. That just about sums up the teeth cleaning process. But there’s still much more to look forward to. Like how about teeth whitening as well?