Bail Bond Options That Could Be Offered

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Bail Bond Options That Could Be Offered

Perhaps the quickest and easiest option that could be offered is that of the cash bond. But what then if that is simply not enough? Here’s what options the bailbonds Ventura office could have available for you. Also note that such options would still be at the discretion or the directions of the local courts. And qualified clerks working out of bail bond offices like Ventura County Bail Bonds will be obliged to follow the bail conditions set.

What other options would a guilty offender have under far more stringent conditions? And guilty offender? No, not quite because in terms of the law, he or she who is arrested is still innocent until proven guilty. But at the same time, the community at large still needs to be protected, hence the mild to strict bail conditions set. And of course, in the most serious or heinous cases, bail opportunities would have been denied altogether.

Also make a note that the bail bond officer is not an attorney at law. He or she is ultimately not able to get you out of jail free if you will. But he or she could be of invaluable assistance in terms of providing you with good advice and recommendations on how to conduct yourself and how to better provide for yourself under these challenging conditions. If cash is insufficient to meet the terms and conditions sought after by the courts, personal recognizances bonds, unsecured bonds and/or secured or property bonds could be the next step.

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Traditional bail or surety bonds, however, remain a possibility. At the very minimum, the cash bond secures the release of an arrested person even long before his or her first court appearance. But the arrested person may still need to make that appearance.